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A Challenging Conundrum

We, humble men of the gods, have run into quite the predicament. Some gracious donor has gifted beautiful dice to the Monastery, but as men of the cloth we have sworn a vow not to touch the filthy things. We need to turn these donations into cold hard cash!! Come find out the Friars hidden secrets, and enjoy our dice rolling experience. For those of you fortunate enough to take home one of these metal sets, don't forget to ring the church bell on your way out.


Looking to upgrade your gaming experience? Look no further than our Dice Collection. With an expansive range of options from classic plastic dice to unique liquid core and even intricate metal designs, we have something for every type of gamer. 


Represent your favorite class at a new level with our wide selection of accessories. We have everything from class journals to mugs, bags, pins, lanyards, and even dice rollers that will make you the envy of your gaming peers. Our accessories are durable, stylish, and perfect for any gaming adventure.

Dice Game

Get ready to delve fully into the Friar's Dice Experience with our online dice game. Follow your favorite friar into an in-depth adventure, full of dangerous choices that lead to glorious rewards. Our dice are blessed and ready for your roll, so be prepared to test your luck and skill with Friar's Dice Game.


Meet the Friars.

Introducing the Friars  and the people who make the magic happen every day, from finding the perfect dice set for your gaming needs to helping you find your next great adventure.

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Lets Chat

Need to get a hold of the friars while we are off adventuring? Not a problem, no spell of sending required. Just fill out the form and it will magically get to us. Like the prodigal son we shall get back to you. Have a blessed day and may you roll many 20's

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