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Ultra Soft green dragon, Emerald Wing

Ultra Soft green dragon, Emerald Wing



Introducing our newest addition to the Friars Dice family: the Ultra Soft green plush toy! Prepare for enchanting escapades and thrilling quests with Emerald Wing, the majestic guardian of the emerald forests. Crafted with the finest plush materials and intricate details, Emerald Wing is not just a toy but a steadfast companion for all your fantastical adventures. With wings as vibrant as the lush foliage and eyes that gleam with ancient wisdom, Emerald Wing is ready to ignite your imagination and lead you on daring journeys through the realms of magic and mystery. Join forces with this cuddly companion and embark on a quest filled with wonder, discovery, and boundless excitement!

Medium, Weight5.1 ozDimensions11 × 7 × 9 in

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